Prese hidraulice combinate - T40 CHAMALEON
Prese hidraulice combinate - T40 CHAMALEON
Cod produs: SS012
Producator: SIMA SV- Italia

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Prese hidraulice combinate T40 CHAMALEON
Workbench dimensions 630*1100 mm
Height of workbench from the ground 950 mm
Max operating pressure 40 tone
Max. stroke of mobile punch 250 mm
Mobile punch stroke adjustment YES -
Mobile punch advance and retrieval speed 1750/1980 mm/1'
Mobile punch operating speed 470 mm
Speed selection device YES -
Min. and max. axis base between mobile and fixed pins 120/370 mm
Press bending capacity 120*25 mm
Tool holding pins - Height 120 mm
Tool holding pins - Diameter 55-63 (opt.) mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Height 120 mm
Mobile and fixed pins - Diameter 55-63 (opt.) mm
Hydraulic power unit 50 Lt
Slide lubrication manual -
Maximum required power 4/3 Hp/Kw
Side tool shelves 2 -
Diameter of shafts on the bending machine 30 mm
Diameter of rollers on the bending machine 125-165 mm
Motor power of the bending machine 0.75/1.1 KW
Revolutions per minute of the bending machine 5/10 Rpm
Bending press dimensions - Width 1200 mm
Bending press dimensions - Length 1900 mm
Bending press dimensions - Height 1365 mm
Weight 1100 Kg